Nude in the Woods
October 16 - November 28, 2015
Erin Stump Projects, Toronto

Swoon, 91 x 84cm, oil on linen (framed), 2014

Two in the Bush, 140 x 117cm, acrylic on paper, 2015

Woman with Purple Circle135 x 105cm, acrylic on paper mounted to foam board, 2015

Behind Clouds, 74 x 74cm, acrylic on paper mounted to foam board (framed), 2015 

Unfurled, 135 x 107cm, acrylic and metallic spray paint on paper, 2015

Sun, Moon and Stars, 100 x 74cm, acrylic on paper , 2015

 Turned Figure (in profile)140 x 66cm, acrylic on paper, 2015

Contour Drawing (from both sides)165 x 132cm, acrylic on paper mounted to foam board (framed), 2015

Drei Akte im Wald
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Oil on Linen
149 x 195 cm
Collection of the Wilhem-Hack Museum