Jessica Groome






CIRCLES & WIGS (est. 2015) is a collaborative project by Ashleigh Bartlett (Boston, MA) and Jessica Groome (Berlin, DE). Using mixed media, found objects, colour and texture, CIRCLES & WIGS generates a diverse range of playful and spontaneous work. Merging the practices of Bartlett and Groome, CIRCES & WIGS formed out of friendship and a longing to escape the parameters of their own work. As friends living in different countries, Bartlett and Groome maintain a closeness through email, texting and Skype. This type of communication allows for a casual and quick exchange of ideas. Extending beyond the comfort zone of the artists, CIRCLES & WIGS does what Groome and Bartlett do not dare. This includes engaging with humour, nonchalance, kitsch and the taboo.